I haven’t been to Japan in some time, but I had to spent the last month there mentally, as I was working on my new book, “Naked As The Day”, which is set in Tokyo. I’m releasaing it on December 10th, 2013 so be sure to grab a copy! This has been quite a process, and for the readers of this blog, I’d love it if you can watch the book trailer below and get your free chapter at the website  please comment and leave your thoughts! Book description after the trailer.

When a typical twenty-something year old English teacher in Japan develops severe physical and psychological aversions to his daily routine in a small town, he decides to move to Tokyo with a few months worth of savings in search of more stimulating horizons. As his physical symptoms remain, and now hit with the demands that come with living in one of the world’s most expensive cities, he must take a fast track course in both survival and self-actualization from a host of characters including libidinous transients, self-proclaimed celebrities and kleptomaniac models. Armed with a few skills in the face of an uncertain future, Naked As The Day takes us on an occasionally humorous and poignant journey of human choices and ultimately their consequences.


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