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The Black Hole of Self-study

  There is a phenomenon with black holes call the “event horizon” which is the outermost area of a black hole that absorbs light and bends matter and even time. Say you were in a ship approaching this event horizon, … Continue reading

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Falling off the Japanese Wagon

What’s up guys, I haven’t posted in a while for good reason. I hit a roadblock that had nothing to do with feel bad, stressed, but more with being bored. As much as I am seeing my progress and see … Continue reading

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One Step before the other?

This is a question that came to my mind after reading through a good bit of the Nihongo Pera Pera site. I tend to like reading information from people who are fluent in Japanese that have strong opinions, and this … Continue reading

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The Japanese balancing act

This blog post has been a long time coming for several reasons. The main reason is that as it relates to balancing the key aspects of Japanese study, its based on the significant entry hurdle Japanese characters scare new learners … Continue reading

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A Japanese conversation

Had to write this post quickly, and also update you guys on my progress. The last two weeks haven’t been the most productive i’ll admit. What I do when I don’t have much time to learn new words is to … Continue reading

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