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One Month Experiment update

Okay, so this hasn’t been the most seamless experiment ever. Christmas in Jamaica is a time of drinking, drinking, partying, eating, drink and more partying. This doesn’t leave the best room for studying. Though I have been doing regular anki … Continue reading

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My Tokyo Design Week Speech

This is a speech I gave during Tokyo Design Week about what i call “Untitled Design” at Pecha Kucha, an event where creatives express their opinions, ideas and work to a captive audience. It was a great experience, and i’m … Continue reading

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One month Experiment Day 3: Mental pushups and refreshing

  Tim Ferris talks quite a bit about reactivating langauges on his blog, and I found the concept interesting. I mean he calls is “reactivating” and I say “refreshing”, but he adds a level of detail ( and global, bestselling … Continue reading

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The One Month Experiment

First thing’s first. I definitely had an EPIC loss of motivation about two months ago. Depsite all my progress, me being able to read an entire manga, starting to understand a Japanese video game, and generally “Pwning” Kanji, I lost … Continue reading

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