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The Ideal Situation

This is a blog post that has been coming for some time. As i’ve mentioned many a time before, a key aspect to language learning is definitely motivation. If you don’t have it, the process is nigh impossible. Then I … Continue reading

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Processing the deluge

This is an indirect review of Japanese POd 101 masked under the guise of another concept. Let’s assume you want to learn Japanese and you have never heard a lick of Japanese, or read any Japanese grammar before. You do … Continue reading

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Low stress Grammar Building

Greetings again. I said i’d post after finishing the advanced Michel Thomas Japanese course. I have to say that in terms of the breadth of Japanese you will learn, it is less comprehensive than French. In the French program you … Continue reading

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Reactivating the Japanese: Base and Build

Greetings all. Today I felt like writing a post on the process I will be using to get back into Japanese. About two months ago, I made a post talking about my French studies and ideas on happiness relative to … Continue reading

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