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Core 2000 step 5 review 1000 sentences!

Grettings everyone. Hope you enjoyed my latest video on what I called “Hyper Referencing“. If you didn’t see it, please check it out! Okay so as I promised planet earth, I would be doing an extensive almost insane step by … Continue reading

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Bouncing Back

What’s up everyone. I definitely felt like I was overdoing it the last few weeks and it definitely had a mental toll on me. I’ve been experimenting with a new system to memorize Japanese vocabulary that works, but takes a … Continue reading

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Video Blog 7: Hyper Referencing

Greetings everyone, in this video blog I chat about the three things I use to have a reasonably solid “reference environment” or way to look up Japanese words, sentences and meanings.

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Monster Hunter update (3 weeks)

Okay, so I decided to pickup Monster Hunter again after doing my Core2000 vocabulary studies for the last three weeks or so, and as predicted, I am able to do a little more. Monster Hunter is a realtime action RPG … Continue reading

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Say “Caterpillar” in Japanese

How do you say Caterpillar in Japanese? 芋虫(いもむし)imomushi

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OS switch part one : Using Google Chrome in Japanese

Greetings everyone.  Wanted to post this update about testing out switching my operating system to Japanese. I’ve done it before (When I was in Japan I didn’t use Mac OSx in English for many, many months) but then I never … Continue reading

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Core2000 progress step 4 finished

Okay so I just finished step four of the Core2000. I had recently slowed down the pace a bit, at 50 new words per day. So at this rate if I am consistent, I will finish a step every four … Continue reading

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