My Novel


Sex Drugs and Jerk Chicken is my novel currently available on Amazon. You can get it here: (U.S $2.99)

Book description:

Journey with three young Jamaicans as they immerse themselves in various elements of American city nightlife and experience love, loss, and question the meaning of it all.

Welcome to the social underbelly of Washington D.C, where we see shady parties in dark row houses with illicit sex happening in tiny rooms, statuesque model types snorting lines on marble side tables in million-dollar Georgetown condos and the occasional hookup in a grimy bathroom in one of many seedy bars on the Adams Morgan strip. Three young men—all coincidentally from Jamaica—find themselves together again in DC under different circumstances. Tony Edwards is dashingly handsome night owl who finds that his ability to attract women—and the subsequent circumstances that follow in a place like DC—expose him to more than just naked bodies and the occasional threesome. Winston is a hopeless romantic who finds his life spinning out of control after the re-emergence of an old girlfriend on the social scene. Bishop, an artist, tries to rationalize the death of someone close to him through a smattering of opiates, girls and his art. Sex, Drugs and Jerk Chicken takes us headfirst into a view of a version of American culture we don’t’ always see but have probably heard about; sex with strangers, heiresses who like boy toys, insecurity eclipsed by alcohol, all through the lens of life in a big city.

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