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The Ideal Situation

This is a blog post that has been coming for some time. As i’ve mentioned many a time before, a key aspect to language learning is definitely motivation. If you don’t have it, the process is nigh impossible. Then I … Continue reading

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Teaser for my Japanese Study Methods Video blogs

I’ve been talking about it for months, and I’m almost finished with my first video blog, where I will be chatting about the methods i’ve been using to study Japanese, but also how to keep motivated, learn certain things faster … Continue reading

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Mangafying the Kindle and using Rikaichan

皆さま、しばらくだよ!(Everyone, it’s been a very long time!) Yes boys and girls, I’m one of the dreaded “flyjin”, those people who left Japan after the earthquake. Sadly, though I was going through a serious love/hate affair with Japan, I must say … Continue reading

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[Long post] A serious note on my learning journey thus far…

  More on passive learning. I’ll start this post with saying I haven’t been completely honest with those of you might have been following the blog over the last year. When I said that living in Japan was difficult, I was … Continue reading

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Blazing through the last 800 Kanji, a test method

I’m going to implement this today. I think when people are using systems, sometimes they might do things a little differently, or create processes that help them to work around time constraints, etc. AJATT refers to this as “throw away … Continue reading

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Learning without studying, from noise to understanding

I took a big plunge and feel the momentum of my Japanese progression. See, for the last several months i’ve been learning Japanese passively. Meaning, I haven’t been actively studying, speaking more than normal, practicing, listening to Japanese music or … Continue reading

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1000 Kanji!

I’ve hit 1000 Kanji at a point when a lot things around me seem to be going crazy. It’s strange, this RTk1 is one of the few things right now that i try and do daily while there is a … Continue reading

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