I think i’ve Unlocked the Kanji Code

It’s been almost ten years since I started this journey. More correctly, it’s been almost ten years since I stopped this journey. Back then I tried my best using the “science” and “information” I thought was working but I really didn’t understand the best approaches in terms of the acquisition of massive amounts of data. But specifically over the last four years I’ve intermittently learnt quite a lot about the technicalities behind memorization and structures behind language acquisition, discipline and execution. To that end I was able to teach myself German to roughly a lower C1 level ALONE. I didn’t speak to anyone, but I was able to watch movies, read texts, play videos games and listen to podcasts. After an insane 90 days of productivity in early 2021 I decided to revisit Japanese with my new information discipline and perspective.

To give you some perspective since March 2021 I wrote two novels and taught myself to sing. After finishing the second novel, which required a grueling level of focus that kept me writing/working for several hours a day in a very strict routine, I realized that this could be applied to my Japanese learning with all my new information. and in the last 26 days or so (moving slowly in the beginning) I’ve memorized 700 Kanji with 100% retention.

What’s more powerful is that I know the reading for each Kanji i’ve learned and I’ve designed a system where I pretty much can’t ever forget the reading.

Presently what this means is:

I can see the keyword for a Kanji i’ve learned and write the Kanji. I also know the reading. At 700 Kanji, already I’m started to see that reading text is getting much easier. I read quite slowly, but I can read. I’ve been pretty committed to what i’m doing so much so that I didn’t even think about writing on this blog, which I’d completely forgotten about. But I want to track some of the progress, since I’m going to turn this into a course.

Essentially what I know for a fact is that continuing on this path will lead me to incredible abilities to do what I call “put the pressure” on the language.

But more on that later.

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