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My Tokyo Design Week Speech

This is a speech I gave during Tokyo Design Week about what i call “Untitled Design” at Pecha Kucha, an event where creatives express their opinions, ideas and work to a captive audience. It was a great experience, and i’m … Continue reading

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The Problem of Progress vs Process

Last night I got a bit frustrated trying to optimize my system for using Anki to start attacking sentences using one deck. Anki is relatively technical to use, but not impossible to setup. As I fiddled more and more with … Continue reading

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The Happiness Conundrum & Language study

I think this post has been lingering in the recesses of my mind for a long time. What’s weird about my passion for studying Japanese (to me) is that so far its been a pretty solitary journey. Solitary in the … Continue reading

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Revision in realtime

Hey guys, just another pic showing some of my revision practices. I’m almost done with the Heisig method! i’m at 1932 Kanji of 2,040 and looking forward to just revising Kanji that I already learned and going deeper into reading … Continue reading

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1700 Kanji and the Skimming Hypothesis

So I’m finally almost done with Heisig. I’ve been doing about 50 to 100 Kanji per day and I am almost there. A few key things I have noted recently. I mentioned in a previous post that I was shedding … Continue reading

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Wishing everyone a happy new year from Japan to Jamaica. It’s been an interesting year for me, and looking back there were some nice moments and some rough patches. Last this year, I had just come back from a trip … Continue reading

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Itching to Finish

」 I haven’t posted in a little while, because the last few weeks have been pretty fuzzy. One day, I’ll put it in a book…either way, I must say that I’m really starting to “get” Heisig and I’m doing my … Continue reading

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Magazine reading and being smart with Japanese study

Okay, so the truth is, I cannot read Japanese magazines yet, I think this post is more about the idea of starting to believe I can learn the langauge. First things first, Heisig works and the SRS transition that I … Continue reading

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Don’t Stop: Motivation Hurdle # 4

Though I haven’t publicised this blog much, anyone who was actively following it can see that for a little over three months, I’ve had little or no activity on my learning site. This is due to a very bizarre set … Continue reading

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1000 Kanji!

I’ve hit 1000 Kanji at a point when a lot things around me seem to be going crazy. It’s strange, this RTk1 is one of the few things right now that i try and do daily while there is a … Continue reading

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