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How To Learn 2,000 Kanji in Record Time

Everything you need to know to memorize 2,163 Kanji (based on the JLPT 日本語能力試験リスト. These may look like Kanji (a handful are) but these are the bits and pieces that make up all Kanji. Know these, and you can both write and … Continue reading

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NO SUBS: The Ultimate Context Builder

Greetings. I haven’t posted in quite some time because of … life. If you’ve been following this blog over the past few months there have been a lot of challenges I’ve had, but I’ve kept my research going. I took … Continue reading

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How To Learn Hundreds of Grammar Patterns Without Overwhelm

Hey guys! One of the biggest hurdles to learning a new language obviously is grammar. Grammar in the way I describe it, isn’t just memorizing the grammar pattern, but really the situational context of its usage. This means grammar is essentially a production-based structure when … Continue reading

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This is probably THE biggest Hurdle in Learning a New Language

  Hey guys!  Today I’m going to dive into what I call “Advanced Bias” which is probably the most annoying and (potentially) frustrating hurdle in learning things in a new language. But once you are aware of it, you can … Continue reading

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Word Intimacy: The Missing Link?

How do we become a walking dictionary? Think about yourself presently. As a native speaker of your first language, you maybe know anywhere from 75,000 to 100,000 words which you can recall at will. You don’t need to revise these … Continue reading

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Why I Wish I Was Told about the ‘Top Down View’ Years Ago

If you’ve read a lot of my articles, you can see that i’m very passionate about my research and implementation of what I speak about and i’ve had enough trial, error, massive failure and now some massive success that fuel … Continue reading

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Developing Super Memory Pt1 Retrievals vs Recognition

      There is an important, probably THE most important distinction to make when looking at the “goal” of memorization. For any goal, we must establish criteria that satisfy the terms of what we are trying to do. What … Continue reading

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The True Challenge [New Year Update]

Happy new year everyone. Wanted to post this quickly before the first month of the year is over. Extreme life challenges have made a lot of my research difficult or unusually cumbersome, but I’ve pressed on and been able to … Continue reading

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Dealing With Inevitable Stress pt.2

The best counter for any ideas that impede on a goal you want is to make your goal more vibrant, visual and exciting in your own mind. You have to be able to taste it on your tongue (regardless of … Continue reading

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Dealing With Inevitable Stress pt.1

Hey guys, definitely need to make a note here. I’ve finally crossed a barrier of what I call “perceptual stress” . This is specifically: the state where despite all goals achieved thus far, the sheer demands of the language appear to … Continue reading

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