Ka-Douken! Ryu Kanji

This is a continuation on more character based Kanji series. I won’t post much on this anymore. I’m about to start using the primitive for the Flash to represent  行 (iku).

But I used the images of Ryu and street fighter to link a series of Kanji based around the Kanji for カ which means power. So I said:

Ryu’s power is a KA-douken, because the Kanji is virtually the same as the KA in Katakana.

KA – Ryu’s power is the KA-douken

MALE – Ryu, the ultimate MALE training in the RICE FIELDs.

LABOR – Ryu is doing manual LABOR in the SCHOOLHOUSE after blowing a KA-douken througha school wall.

RECRUIT – A shady person tries to RECRUIT Ryu  at a GRAVEYARD to join M. Bison’s shady organization.

INFERIORITY – Young Ryu has FEW MUSCLES and little skill, so he has an INFERIORITY complex.

…. and so it goes for a while, with me modifying stories and making them visual. This makes the process fun, and the Kanji quite memorable. I don’t want to do too much of this and start blurring stories, but many of them make perfect sense. I mean, “Achievement” has the primitives of “Craft” and “Power”, what is Ryu’s craft if its not trying to achieve a powerful Ka-douken? See what I’m saying.

I’m doing some very abstract words now like Gain, Restore and Rhythm. The stories I’m making aren’t sticking, so I’m going to try and see if using the Flash as a primitive makes things easier. So for example:

RESTORE – forgetting he didn’t pull the lever in the reactor building, The FLASH had to DOUBLE BACK to RESTORE power to the control systems, les the city be destroyed.

RHYTHM – even as fast as the FLASH is, he had a hard time keeping RHYTHM when playing IBRUSH, a new iphone game.

GAIN – The FLASH wanted to GAIN on the enemy, but he has been stuck in GLUE since NIGHT BREAK, and could only watch the villains walk away.

Already I can visualize those stories, and they are completely different, which makes life a little easier, and allows me to push forward harder. There are about 15 Kanji with the “Flash” primitive, and I will see if certain ones need to be modified to continue. Either way, on to the 900 Kanji.

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