Homer Simpson Kanji


I’m at 876 Kanji now, trying to Hit 900 by the end of the day, but I’m losing steam. Sometimes the Kanji are so abstract that sitting and making up stories (or even reading really good ones on Remembering the Kanji) can get very tedious. So I thought I write this about character linking, because I mentioned it in my Marty McFly blog post, but I’ve been implementing in more for longer chains of Kanji to make life easier.

I’ve seen a few people on the Kanjihoo site using people as primitives, which allows for some more leeway with creating stories. I am not suggesting you make this a crutch, but I am jotting this down because it helps to make better stories along a similar thread.

Homer Simpson is the imag efor the primitive of Husband. 夫。 (おっと)。

The following 9 Kanji link directly to this image.

AID – Homer using his FINGERS to AID Marge on their anniversary night. 

MOUNTAIN STREAM – Homer in the WATER getting chased by a VULTURE.

STANDARD – Homer driving a STANDARD card blindfolded. He can’t SEE.

EXCHANGE – Homer and Ned Flander EXCHANGE thoughts all DAY outside the house.

… and so on. This allows me to have a more interesting way of remember these Kanji. This makes it a little more fun, and less of a chore.

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