The Sentence Phase Explained

Note: I posted a while back some confusion about what the sentence phase was. I wasn’t sure how thing worked step by step at the time becuase the site is a veritable deluge of information. That said, thanks to Mitchell Atlas for posted some links on the sentence phase (which I read already but didn’t think to post on this blog! )

If you want to get an idea of how sentences work based on the AJATT explanation, here you go.

This is from the comment by Mitchell Atlas:

In AJATT’s Table of Contents page, there’s a section on sentences. He describes the sentence process here:

and here:

P.S  I’m personally not bothering with the technicality behind this just yet, since I have to memorize all the Kanji before I even get into sentences, but this is great to get a sense of how it works, and what to expect when you reach that phase.

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