Reviewing the Kanji Website for RTK1

I just signed up for an account at

Its a site based on the entire Heisig book, Remembering the Kanji, and has some amazing tools to help you test, track and remember the Kanji.

For those who don’t know, after you pass the 520 Kanji mark, you will need to practice creating your own stories to remember the rest of the Kanji. Presently I’m at 573, and I’m trying to make a story for the Kanji “Learn”  using the elements “feathers” and “white”.

In my mind, no story at all is coming to me that is vaguely interesting and/or creative. But at this great site, you can just type in the Kanji name or number you are studying, and it will pop up, complete with a list of stories that other people use for themselves. MOst of the time, I find a story I like and just use it. This saves a lot of time, and is a GREAT resource for continuing studying, especially when making stories up can be a little weird.

The site also is very good for researching many other things related to Japanese, which I will dig deeper into once I complete RTK1.

Almost at 600 Kanji!

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