Japanese Vocabulary Attack


In an upcoming blog post, will talk about how I was studying in a Vacuum and how I wasn’t using Anki as efficiently as possible. I changed my approach in terms of how I am tackling new vocabulary. These pictures are just  a quick glimpse of what i’m doing each day for learning vocabulary. I’m setting a strong pace of about 50-100 words per day, which equates to maybe 300 actual card views for my vocab deck. For my sentence deck, I think I have it at 200 new cards, so I think i’m going to be average 500 reviews a day if I can keep the pace up, I’m kind of itching to read step 5 and celebrate the comprehension of 100o Japanese sentences 🙂

The basic idea is that I read the sentence, check the new word and write it. Then it will pop up soon after (usually written in Hiragana) then I’ll just rewrite the keyword in Kanji. If I have difficulties remembering the English meaning of the Kanji (a la Heisig method) i’ll just hop onto the Reviewing the Kanji Study site (which is always open in a window when i’m doing Anki reps) refresh the meaning in my mind, and then rewrite.

I think this takes about forty minutes to do. So between the two decks, maybe an hour +. I still haven’t figured out a routine of easy manga I want to read yet, but this vocab is already helping me to read a lot more things. So the idea is to get this exposure, test yourself, write them each day or each set of days (as time passes Anki will decide) and then read through easy material to add another layer of memory and understanding.


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