Core2000 Observation two

Program: Core2000

current step: Step 3

Today I was really trying to blaze through Step 3, but alas, its not that easy. But I did learn some cool words that I’ve been recognizing but not remembering like 最近(さいきん)which means “recently”. I learned some more interesting stuff like 建設 -(けんせつ)(building development, construction)

*note, for some reason I KNEW there would be a word for this specifically! check my first Core2000 review blog to see why 🙂 *

Either way, I think I will be done with step 3 pretty soon, so I’m trying to “rest in Japanese” by having a movie playing in the background. Today’s pick is Terminator Salvation,( in Japanese). I found it funny that one of the first subs I glanced at, I could read, and it related to my word of the day 最近!

Our hero in danger! ここから危ないだぜ!I’ll givey ou a closer look at the words.

This sentence is painfully easy to read now, but when I glanced at it, I thought it was 最近

最 sai – utmost

近   kind – near

but then using Heisig, and my general knowledge, I knew what “sai” was (the first part) and then I remember the word “saigo” means last. This association happened within seconds mind you, but as you can see I like explaining these things.

最 – utmost sai

後 – behind go

so the sentence reads

SAIGO NO KOTOBA HA? – Any last words?


A few blogs back I was definitely frustrated and let it out on this blog, but i’m finding that keeping some sort of daily activity brings me forward. I’m going to post a video blog on how I reference Japanese and also how I am setting up a basic immersion environment soon, but I have tons of stuff going on right now. Will post more when I’m done with step 3 and move on to step four.

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2 Responses to Core2000 Observation two

  1. Joe says:

    Hi, I hope you’re still blogging. Where can I get a copy of Terminator Salvation that is both in Japanese and has Japanese subtitles?

    • marcusbird says:

      Hello Joseph. I’m not sure what to tell you, I just did some light research based on your question and there seem to be a few websites out there that sell those products online. All the DVDs in Japanese I own were bought while I was over there at discount stores. I’m not sure if you know anyone on that side, but one way to attempt to see if you can get a set of DVDs you will repeatedly watch is by asking them to go to Hard-Off (discount chain/pawn shop) and see if there are DVDs there. I’d bought quite a few titles for about 400 en (4 bucks or less) this way. Hope that helps, feel free to ask me anything else

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