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Magazine reading and being smart with Japanese study

Okay, so the truth is, I cannot read Japanese magazines yet, I think this post is more about the idea of starting to believe I can learn the langauge. First things first, Heisig works and the SRS transition that I … Continue reading

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900 Kanji!

Another 100 Kanji. Phew… i’ve posted enough on my methods for linking to help with moving faster. But you really have to spend that 3 minutes visualizing the hard stuff. I’m trying to hit a thousand by Monday and then … Continue reading

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をVSに How well can you spreeak?

  Another random post. I sometimes practice sentence translations to see where my mind is, and I was translating a passage from a Japanese English textbook about the  Sound of Music movie. In one sentence, it read: “Maria didn’t listen … Continue reading

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