The True Challenge [New Year Update]

Process is hardly glamorous. Results are

Happy new year everyone. Wanted to post this quickly before the first month of the year is over. Extreme life challenges have made a lot of my research difficult or unusually cumbersome, but I’ve pressed on and been able to properly go into another phase of my research involving vocabulary.

The thing is when you are designing a workflow that involves literally thousands and thousands of data points, the biggest hurdle (as I keep mentioning) is perceptual. There is no way to figure out what works (or doesn’t) until you test at scale. This means you’ll have to grind through a few hundred iterations of whatever you are testing before you find a “rhythm”.

This is important to note because the level of focus and discipline this requires is quite high. In fact, my emphasis over the last several months in the majority of my articles is that the true ‘obstacle’ to most of what one wants tends to be mental. Pretty much every hurdle i’ve face over the last few months are due to high physical stress (health issues), high psychological stress (life issues) and then high mental demand for this project (research and development). Something has to give and I can’t always be 100% on point mentally AND do Herculean feats, the brain and body just can’t handle it.

However this is not a defeatist message. I’ll post more detailed information on my Phase II research, but just like learning the Kanji quickly, there isn’t much to to process itself (it works) it was really just organizing the data and creating a routine that’s designed to massively self-reinforce a little beyond just flashcards. Because I look at this as training, I am not as bothered by the “grunt work” involved in compiling thousands of cards, because the very action of putting cards together is giving me an exposure to the very words i’m memorizing.

In fact, I really understand that so many of these types of processes reveal to you more of who you are, not just what you are trying to learn. Your why has to be extreme to navigate the various things that life can throw at you while trying to learn new information. This is overlooked to a very high degree in pretty much all language learning based correspondence i’ve seen. No one really talks about “real life” and how to balance the extreme psychological demands of language learning relative to that. Sure we need strategies to learn faster and revise better, but we also need intense, workable strategies to keep you going, because some things happened that truly threatened me finishing this project (despite my INCREDIBLE achievements in a short period of time).

Either way, more to come.



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  1. 救世 says:

    You’ve done some very interesting things on here, so I’ll be checking out more of your articles.

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