Watch Me Write all 2,136 Jouyou Kanji (proof of concept)

4 hours and 10 minutes, equates to about four and a half written pages of Kanji

Greetings! The final phase of my research is complete. I wanted to ensure I did a “proof of concept” video within my current timeline. After my first month I memorized 1,009 Kanji but was hit with some bad health issues (extreme fatigue, pain, malaise) for the next several weeks. I did however, maintain a schedule that allowed me to finish the process in 90 days. Just like last time I wanted to make a record of my “actual ability”, meaning, sitting and writing all 2,136 Kanji (plus about 100 more I learned) from memory.

As far as I know, I’ve never seen anyone do this. There are tens of thousands of videos of people explaining how to learn Kanji, or Japanese, but none of people sitting down and writing the entire list (and more). As I move forward, my first video (1,009) in one sitting, and my second video (2,255) in one sitting with serve as proof and evidence of my research as I move into territories like teaching etc. This video if 4:25:00 long and isn’t terribly interesting but serves as a good observational tool for understanding what elite learning practices can deliver with the right structure and organization. A subsequent post will go deeper into my next steps and plans moving forward.

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