I Learned over 1000 Kanji in One Month

I had a successful test of my methods by writing 1,009 Kanji from memory (using Keywords on flashcards only). I write each reading (e.g TAI, KEI, KOU etc) from a list written on the cards. They range from as few as 10 cards (TEN)  up to 63 cards (SHOU). You can view the video of me writing all the Kanji here:

At some point during the 2 hrs I was writing all these Kanji, I think I forgot to count one or two cards. All my learned Kanji from my tracking list (and I track quite carefully) is 1,009 Kanji learned. But around the 1:45:00 mark I began to get a bit tired as you can imagine so I think with my tally counter there was a movie I forgot. Since I was producing memorized data from 36 flashcards, I wasn’t really sure which one I didn’t count, so in the video I have 977 at the end, but its definitely 1,009. 

This is pretty insane progress and I wanted to make sure I documented it as I started to gain some real traction. I think i’ll make a 500 Kanji writing video in around 2 weeks documenting the next 500 Kanji I learn. I don’t want to get too caught up in documenting (which takes a LOT of time away from learning) so unless I get inspired to write a post here, I’ll just be focusing on sharpening and refining my methods. 



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