1000 Kanji in 34 days

Thirty days ago, I couldn’t read the sentence below:


(When we know the leader/ringleader of the gang, we will be victorious)

Now, just a little over a month later I have no issues reading this because of my current methods. I’m getting prepared to write out all 1,000 Kanji in one sitting to timestamp my memorization. As I predicted to myself, once I hit about 750 Kanji, I began to see words more clearly, but only in “chunks”, as I approached 900 I began to see a lot more complete words and really be able to slowly reading more complex sentences. I still have quite a ways to go, but it is very inspiring to be able to “navigate” this space. Im not reading super fast, but I can read what I see which is a monstrous advantage. Just like with my German experience, speed of reading increases with the frequency of reading exposure, so that won’t take very long. I I’m at 972 Kanji as I write this and I should hit 1,000 by tonight or if anything earliest tomorrow. Then i’ll make some more comprehensive notes. But this is pretty exciting. I’ve been able to fix the missing link between Heisig and true acquisition of Kanji readings. I will make a longer and more complex post perhaps in a few days, since I’m avoiding “over documenting” the process (which eats up valuable time). Below is a picture of my “Kanji Pages” for the day (thus far: picture taken around 10:50 a.m)

In fact, what is really interesting is that my first 3 weeks of this process I spent a lot of time researching things while learning the Kanji which I didn’t realize was eating up valuable time. However, this is irrelevant. Learning 1,000 Kanji in 30 days is moving at light speed (and presently considered to be impossible) but it is only by doing the impossible can we shift the percept of approach. My research over the years, has been what I am discovering to be what I call “Approach Mechanics”, which I will speak about later. I still have another 40 or so Kanji to do today to hit my goal of 1,000. I will post here if I hit them in the evening.

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