50 Kanji a day?

The brain is quite a powerful mechanism. In the last four or five days specifically I’ve noticed that my ability to memorize the Kanji has gotten significantly faster. I believe it is because, after doing 30,000 repetitions of Kanji writing in the past 25 or so days, I’ve hit a tipping point in terms of memorization. Instead of looking at a Kanji and going hrm? Pretty much every Kanji I see now I’m familiar with almost all the primitives (component parts) so everything I do is really not Kanji related, but story related. So what’s happening is that I think my mind is so used to organizing these stories (prioritization) that its just more efficient at the skill, in the same way people train for memory championships. It was taking me about three hours to four hours of work each day to work through my Kanji lists, but now I can go thirty Kanji in maybe an hour and a half with the same level fo retention. So today I’ve already don 32 by 11 AM and I know I can do another 15 to 20 through the day. Since I’ve never had a 50 Kanji day it would be a good test but I have zero concerns about retention, because I haven’t forgotten any Kanji i’ve learned thus far. My first monster goal is to hit 1,000 Kanji and then write them live and post the video on Youtube. Then after that i’ll work through incremental goals of maybe 250 until I hit the final 2,043 Kanji or (2,136) depending on what list i’m using. But I’ve found the key to the Kanji kingdom, which means that I’ve unlocked the biggest barrier that ALL Japanese learners have to this language. But I’ve found in the past I can get “caught up” with documentation (which wastes time) so I’ll be brief with my posts or observations until I’m way further into the journey. This is just a note to myself and to establish relative timeline.

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