Bouncing Back

What’s up everyone.

I definitely felt like I was overdoing it the last few weeks and it definitely had a mental toll on me. I’ve been experimenting with a new system to memorize Japanese vocabulary that works, but takes a bit too much mental energy for my liking. But at the same time, when I did my SRS reviews today, I was blowing through sentences like nobody’s business. This is a far cry from where i was three weeks ago with limited vocabulary ability and now being able to somewhat read manga.

So i’m approaching the coveted 1000 sentence mark and it feels pretty good. I need to increase the “interesting” content i’m using honestly. I need better manga( still need a speaking partner) among other things. But I took a break for two days because I wasn’t feeling motivated, but once I hit the SRS I didn’t feel bad at all. Methinks a return trip to Japan is on the horizon.

I have too much passion for learning this language and i’m way too isolated to move forward at a rate I want to. But either way, will post pretty soon on using facebook in Japanese and a few other things.



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