Read my First complete Manga!

Happy to say that I finished reading the entire volume one of Slam Dunk today. It was about 201 pages and pretty interesting! I never read an entire manga before (never had the patience to really just read through) but ever since I started doing the Core2000 and just being more active with reading, it was surprised at how well I could read the story. It’s a high school based manga, so nothing crazy or difficult, but definitely a lot of Core2000 words popped up, and I also have a very good understanding of some common grammatical patterns. I can see how following the “extensive reading” system of just reading as much as possible is awesome.

Quick Points

Initially it was harder to read, but after fifty or so pages, I found that i was following the story and actually reading the Japanese and getting most of what was going on.

The manga reinforced a lot of basic words and in this case, stuff about basketball, attraction, motivation and learning.

It allowed me to have a gauge of what i’m reading. Reading this took me about three days to read on and off and it runs at 201 pages, so if I can read through five volumes in a week + then that means I will be exposed to over 1000 pages of manga, grammar usages and vocabulary.

Last thing of Note

Certain words were repeated constantly. I saw 桜木花道 over and over and over (that’s the main characters name). Also 晴子(Haruko)、彩子(Ayako)、were two other names I kept seeing. After a while I didn’t have to look up certain words because they came up so frequently. I mean me saying learning names from manga is good is pretty obvious, but I am not so good with names, but now I am starting  to tell when a person’s name is shown versus some other Kanji and I find that pretty cool.


What’s really crazy is that this is the FIRST manga i’ve read from start to finish. I was halfway through one when I was living in Tokyo but didn’t have any vocab really, so I had to keep stopping to reference words on each page. It’s very weird that I only started my new “vocab push” 11 days ago and i’m already taking some good steps. I will keep tracking my progress reading easy manga, and particularly I want to pay attention to how well I start understanding grammar through exposure versus just studying it. So for now, on to volume two!

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