Snapshot of the madness


I’ve said it several times on this blog that studying Japanese isnt’ “easy”. I say “easy” in the sense that, being consistent can sometimes require very creative ways of self-motivation. After all, i’m not in a university, a language school, or some other goal-based environment that I am “academically” accustomed to for a specific kind of achievement. But the point of it all is that, the simplest goals can be the most motivating. In November 2009 when I started learning basic Kanji, (i.e the Japanese characters imported from China) I had this flash of the future, when I could look on a page written entirely in Japanese, and not be afraid, daunted or frightened by what I saw. I am still not 100% there yet, but I am definitely 50% less afraid of those pages. In fact, upon glancing initially at a lot of these web pages, I tell myself mentally ” You can’t read that” and in fact, I can often read/understand a lot of what is going on on the page. I may not be able to read ALL the Kanji, or understand ALL the grammar, but the fact that I can kind of “skim” and “make sense of stuff” without going “ape sh*t” and “stress the F out” means something is happening yeah? I’m about to try and go to sleep and i’m currently figuring out which kind of Japanese media i’m going to put on repeat to use with my Pillowsonic pillow, but this picture belwo is a snapshot of some sentences I was working on today. I spent most of the day working on my video blog, so I didnt’ get to do many sentences, but I am still trying : ) Anyone who is reading this, keep it up!!

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