Pillowsonic Sleep Immersion Speakers

Okay, i’m about to try these out. Many people have differing opinions on whether or not “sleep immersion” works, but I’ve definitely left Japanese audio/video playing while I slept and had dreams that were 100% in Japanese as a result. This leads me to think that for the 6-8 hours I sleep each day, if I have a pillow speaker (closer to my ears but low enough to not drive me crazy) then it will give me an extra 56 hours of Japanese audio immersion per week. This equates to about 274 hours of immersion from sleep listening per month, on top of maybe another 8-10 hours of audio during the day (If I can wing it). This equals about 500+ hours of audio immersion per month, on top of study, writing and reading.

The package for the Pillowsonic case is below.

The case is pretty soft and Pillow-like.






Its pretty thin, and slips easiliy under the pillow. Next pic shows how thin it is.



The wire is pretty long, so you can attach it to an Ipod or even your computer if needs be. I’ll most likely have it attached to my laptop while I watch Nonstop tube.




It came with a relaxation CD as well. I might use this in the future, but for my first night i’ll test out “sleep immersion” as part of getting constant Japanese into my brain.


An example of the setup. I’ll plug it in, have the computer playing NonstopTube and get my Japanese going! On screen is an example of the randomness i’ll be listening to.



Of course, this is a part of just getting more Japanese in on top of reading, listening, speaking and writing, so i’ll  post more about it as time passes and see if “sleep immersion” gives me tons of good exposure I can use to move forward.


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4 Responses to Pillowsonic Sleep Immersion Speakers

  1. Broman says:

    there is no proof of this happening because i’ve been sleeping with Spanish, french and japanese audio either from my headphones or speakers and I still dont dream in any of these languages.

    • marcusbird says:

      Not sure what to tell you Broman. I’ve dreamt in Japanese several times (though it’s not a consistent event). From my observations I dreamt in Japanese when i had extremely high exposures to Japanese for a long time period (e.g listening to movies, tv shows and music for most of the day), in addition to having something play in the background while I sleep. This hasn’t been a result of the Pillowsonic speakers. i’ve maybe had one dream in Japanese since I bought them. I like the idea of passive listening and “clocking in immersion” hours, so I felt that this was a good way to experiment with that idea. The times I mentioned before, I was living in Japan, and every now and then I’d have a random dream where I’m speaking Japanese and being spoken to in Japanese. This was before I even did much “sleep listening”. But I guess it depends on each person. But the fact that I had a few dreams in Japanese while something was playing in the background made me think that even if my brain is processing a few words of phrases, I can still get something for my sleep time.


  2. Jim says:

    I use a similar method which is also good, sleeping with a Japanese girl.

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