My Manga #1 – Point in time

you can see me scrawling on the page to make notes as i read : p

My Manga #1 Point in Time – From Death Note.

Okay, so this is an observation from Death Note about point in time. I am not a grammar beast yet, but I find that trying to read through these sentences often I will pickup grammar I vaguely remember, or learn patterns of expression. So, this is just one sentence, but useful I feel for many situations. I don’t think you need an intermediate level of Japanese to understand this (I have no idea how to measure that), but you will need to know some Kanji, but the readings are below.



This translates to: “When the note book arrived on human ground, it became a human thing.”, or better “When the notebook arrived here, it became a part of the human world.”

Now there are MANY sentences I do not properly understand when reading, and I love 100% getting a sentence like this one. So I started to make modifications for personal practice.

時点で  (じてんで)means “point in time”. Or from Heisig “time spot” which makes sense. So I wanted to test this grammatical expression with a few sentences relative to my background.



I am trying to say that “When Christopher Columbus arrived on Jamaican ground, Jamaica became a different place.”


Maybe I can also say.


When I arrived on Japanese ground, I wanted to become good at Japanese.

A person could probably go as far as to say… (using this exact grammatical famework)

日本の地に着いた時点で, 私は、日本の物になる。。。

When I arrived on Japanese ground, I became a thing/part of Japan.



At that point in time, I did not know Yamamoto san was drinking so much.

I must point out that last sentence is most likely, horribly, horribly incorrect. I am merely trying to “fiddle” with the grammatical point, and expand it based on different contexts. But the basic one should stick in my mind. Will make other notes as time passes. Death Note isn’t an easy read by any means, especially since I basically have to stop in each word bubble and look up vocabulary to see what stuff means.

Either way, will post more as I see them.


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1 Response to My Manga #1 – Point in time

  1. Paul Nogas says:

    Cool approach I’d be interested in seeing more of these. It seems similar to the pimsleur japanese method where you learn one word or concept then try and use that new piece in as many ways as possible with the other pieces you already know.

    I have yet to buy any manga (I probably will later). However I’ve been trying to translate the instruction manuals for the rice cooker and toaster oven I bought. (I made some 温泉卵 after figuring out how to do that in my rice cooker.)

    Also I tried something different tonight and was wondering if I could get your opinion on it whenever you have free time (maybe you’ve read someone trying something similar)

    PS I went to tokyo for my first time last weekend. It was great!

    Hope you’re doing well!

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