Holy Japanese Characters batman!

Wow. I brazenly dove headfirst into my Minna Nihongo books and really saw where I was with my Japanese. I’ve heard many people talk about “complete immersion”, including Khatzumoto, Guru of AJATT fame. This is essentially reading as much Japanese as possible, even if you dont’ really understand it. Initially, I found this quite impossible, brain crushing and frustrating. Now that I can comfortably read or recognize several hundred Kanji, it’s not so bad, even if I don’t know the On-yomu or Kun-yomi readings. However, learning how to study Japanese WRITTEN in Japanese feels a little weird, because half the time I’m not even sure what it being said. I’m happy if I can even figure out what the goal of the lesson is. However, the companion book explained that the system involves figuring out grammatical patterns, then reading them outloud, or something like that… I dunno.

I can read several of the sentences, but I think it will take a while for me to really figure out what each lesson is saying. I must note, that this is an intermediate level Japanese book, so it’s not as easy as one might think. I believe i’m going past “basic” Japanese speech and understanding, so I’d rather swim in deeper waters. It is still pretty weird reading only in Japanese (but I guess that’s the point of this book)

Either way, that was just a quick run through. When I figure out how to incorporate this into my routine properly I will document more. Maybe I should just stick to reading Sazae-San : )


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