950 Kanji – Motivation hurdle

I’m at 950 Kanji now and I’m not feeling the same way I did last week. I’m pleased to be here, but my mind is tired from a lot of other stuff going on with me in my life. At times, studying Kanji seems like a chore, but I press on.

Now that I’m fast approaching my first 1,000 Kanji, I am starting to see them everywhere and associate the English words with them. I can see that when I hit 2,045, and then maybe a few months later hit the 3,000 from RTK3, I will be in a great position for reading. I am extremely tired right now, so my succeses seems fleeting but I think when I join the fabled “I finished RTK1” club, I will feel much better about what I am trying to do. I am almost 50% there and counting.

For motivation, I would say to keep focused on the end goal. Mine is to be able to read Kanji, and I can ONLY do this if I first learn all the RTK1 Kanji. I can take my time and learn the other 1,000 in RTK3, but presently, I cannot move forward reading wise until this is done. So when I feel lame, or I slack off for a day or two, and then I go somewhere and struggle to read the menu, or struggle to remember a kanji, I know what I have to do.


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1 Response to 950 Kanji – Motivation hurdle

  1. wow pretty hardcore! ganbatte ne! (and you’re a lefty I noticed haha 😛 that deserves extra praise for writing kanji)

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