Marty McFly & Linking Images

This is probably a common technique, but I thought I’d mention it. For some Kanji, they run in succcessive blocks, and the stories can go together. You have to be careful that the meanings don’t overlap… say the Kanji for “Sacrifice” and “Pedestal” (if you want to use an image of a sacrifice on a pedestal).

For example, the Kanji for “anti” is 反.(はn) The story I used was based on something from Kanjihoo. I say

“The Anti-hero Marty Mcfly, is on his Anti-gravity hoverboard just below a cliff, exposing his crotch because he left his clothes in the time machine.”

This sets up a pretty strong image for a few other Kanji.

Slope 坂 (さか)。

The Anti-hero, Marty McFly, kicks the villain off the cliff, and the Villain kicks up soil as he tries to escape with his jetpack. (this is also a modification from a Kanji Koohi story)

Plank 板 (いた)。 

The Anti-hero, Marty McFly is forced to walk the wooden plank after going back to the Pirate age in the time machine.

Return 返す (かえす) (Note a lot of peopel are familiar with “kaeru” for return. In this context, its “kaesu”)

The Anti-hero, Marty McFly always Returns to an abandonded road in his time machine.

Marketing 販ばい (はんばい) 

The Anti-hero, Marty McFly is paid major Shells/Money from the Marketing of the Back to the Future series.


As you can see, the image stays pretty consistent for those three Kanji. I’ve used this for “Fat Sow”, “Taskmaster” and most recently “Uncle.” I made a character called the “Creepy Uncle” using the image of the old man from the TV show Family Guy.

Uncle 叔 (おじ) (Note, these are not always the full readings for the Kanji, just the elements. 叔父 is the full reading)

The Creepy Uncle  stands up over the little crotch, eyeing it sleazily.

Coach 督 (かんとく)

The Creepy Uncle  is watching the boys as he coaches their little league game.

Lonelineness 寂しい (さびしい)

The Creepy Uncle lives alone in his house, reading Archie comics.

Graceful 淑やか (しとやか)

The Creepy Uncle is quite graceful in the water. After all he used to be on the olympic sychronized swimming team. (another mashup from a Koohi story).

So I thought i’d mention that. These characters pop up again, and its easy to just drop in the “Fat Sow” or the “Anti-hero” if it can fit the context of the word.

This is WICKED depending on how strong the images are. Because I love Back to the Future and those “anti” Kanji are like cake now.


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