Using tests to set milestones?

I don’t like exams or tests, but at times they give certain people structure. I have no desire particularly to take the JPLT test, but I had a few of the study materials from several years ago which are pretty cool. Some of these include:

Flash (swf) files that teach you verbs

Grammar PDFs and workbooks

Practice tests for beiginner, intermediate and advanced level learners

and so on.

Since I am feeling more like a serious and willing student of the language, I think I’ll add one of these to my routine. I don’t want to bog myself down (presently RTK1) is mentally winding… but I think if I do the flash cards once or twice a day for verbs/vocab that might be good. When I make a comprehensive scheduel I will post it, and then track my progress in terms of “balancing my learning” while trying to mix it up some of the principles from AJATT.

I have to reevaluate my goals sometimes when i’m in the middle. You really have to be a child in the sense that your overwhelming curiosity for embracing the new language has to override your ignorance of it. Like a kid asking “Whats’ this? What’s that? How did I say this?” you have to be the same way, until you get a few hand around the steering wheel and you have a little control.

More later.

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