600 Kanji!

I’m a little burnout this week from doing a lot of design work on my website (on top of my regular job) www.birdimusprime.com but I’m still trying to close out RTK1 in the next 8 weeks if I can. This meant doing at least 250 Kanji per week, but now it seems i’m coasting at about 100 per week. Depending on the intensity of the Kanji coming up, I might take less/more time, but we’ll see. I will post some thoughts on learning vocabulary (not necessarily a part of AJATT) soon.

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  1. Steve H. says:

    One of the greatest things I found while going through RTK is that even doing a little bit a day adds up to a large amount. For example, while I had classes I’d learn ten new kanji a day. While this doesn’t seem like a lot, after a week it’s 70, then after a month it’s around 280(give or take) within a year, I could’ve learned them all like this. My point being: when time gets stretched thin don’t worry about the amount. As long as you done some, you’re doing great. But it already sounds like you’re kickin’ serious ass~

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