500 Kanji Milestone!

I did it, I hit my first 500 Kanji!

But I realized that when I just started this seem so very, very far away that it sometimes made things feel quite difficult. I would say “Egad, 500 Kanji, that will take forever!” So from now on I will make my milestones smaller, so I can celebrate more often, and stop worrying about reaching 1,000 or (Egad) the full 2,045 I need to know to start my sentence SRSing. I’m 20% there and counting.

From now on I will count learning each 50 as a mini milestone, 100 as a double milestone and each new 500 as a super milestone. This way I can celebrate probably twice a week (mini and double) and every few weeks for the super milestone!


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2 Responses to 500 Kanji Milestone!

  1. Steve H. says:

    Hey, congratulations! And good luck on the rest! If you can get to 500, you can get to 1,000 and so on. From personal experience the more Kanji you know the more ‘A ha!’ moments, which makes the whole experience a whole lot more fun than it already was (although a bit stressful at times.)

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