SRS and Missing Days: Don't Do it.

This is just a quick post tracking my progress. I’m a busy guy that works on very imaginative, brain-consuming things (writing stories, designing graphics, etc). There are several days I get wiped out mentally after pulling 12 hour graphic work and it is hard to do Heisig because it requires me to be so visual to learn the new Kanji. But, SRS-ing is how you retain the knowledge of the new Kanji. Even if you don’t do more than a few Kanji per day, still doing the SRS with Anki and Mnemosyne is essential.  Missing a few days is a killer, because you won’t properly imprint the newly learned Kanji and it hurts down the line when you try and remember when the story for “nativity” is a bit fuzzy.

SRSing doesn’t take that much energy and only about 30 minutes a day depending on the number of reviews.

So I realize I must do proper SRS everyday or I’ll be revisiting the stories too often and that will break progress. I’m at 420 Kanji now, approaching the 500 mark.

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